Art Inside , 2013, curated by Gigi Kracht, presented at the legendary Swiss hotel BAUR AU LAC. Kracht’s annual  Art In The Park  exhibitions are held in the hotel’s private park and dedicated to renowned sculptors.  Art Inside  is installed within the property.   “Women are increasingly establishing a commanding presence on the international art scene,” says Kracht. “I am delighted to provide a platform in my own hometown for this very first all-female exhibition.   The eleven artists included in the exhibition are: Tülin Onat, Ekin Onat, Pemra Aksoy, Asli Ozok from Turkey; Catherine Starkman and Ewa Bathelier from France; Joanna Borkowska from Poland; Sara Lucas from Italy; L. Mylott Manning, Sarah Ashley Longshore, Tlisza Jaurique from the USA.  For further information please click  here .    
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